Tuesday, May 29, 2012

first day of school!

Yay I finally started school today!  One word:  AMAZING!  I'll give a brief background:  I started school a few months ago at a different place and didn't have a great experience.  After two weeks I decided that school wasn't right for me and switched to the Aveda Institute of Portland.  I had to wait four months until the next start date at Aveda.  After today I knew it was worth the wait!!  I met some great people today and learned how to do scalp, shoulder and neck massages. 

Anyway, James Ryder, a celebrity/film makeup artist, is coming to Aveda in June.  His work is awesome and I wanted to post some pictures.  I'm definitely want to sign up for his workshop!!

The makeup in this photo was done by a student at Aveda Institute of Portland...how amazing is that?!

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