Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A-Line Time

Hello!  I finally took some photos of my haircut after class tonight...I'm debating whether or not to cut my bangs that I've been growing out for some time now.  I'm a sucker for straight-across bangs, even though I have an obnoxious cowlick on my front hairline.  Thoughts anyone??

We did this same A-line cut on our models last week...I wish I remembered to take a photo of my model's haircut.  It turned out so good and she really liked it!!  I think I must have been too nervous to think about taking pictures.  I'm proud of our class because everyone rocked it out! 

Anyway, time for sleep and another long week of school, work and running.  *SIGH*

Thursday, July 19, 2012

starting the day

Just wanted to post a few fashion photos that I fell in love with on pinterest.  I will soon be posting pics of my new haircut.  It's an A-line cut with layers! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mojito Madness and Bubble Tea!

It actually feels like summer time in Portland...FINALLY!  And then everyone is going to complain that it's too hot and it needs to rain.  I had off of school all last week (thanks Aveda for the summer break!).  It was just what I needed to regain focus.  I was starting to feel quite stressed out with EVERYTHING.  Sam and I took a little vacay up to Seattle for the 4th...and it was AWESOME!  I'll be posting pics on Facebook soon :)

Now to the actual point of this blog post:  Essie just launched a new nail line called "Bikini so Teeny."  It's adorable!  I bought a lovely bright green color called "Mojito Madness."  Check out the other fun colors here:  http://www.essie.com/latest-collection/.  I also used a top coat by Essie as well.  It says on the box that it drys within seconds...and it may be true.  I have a tendancy to try and do random things around my apartment seconds after I paint my nails and needless to say, my nails get messed up.  But I will say that Essie's top coat worked really well!  Maybe it wasn't seconds after I painted my nails that they were dry, but they haven't chipped yet and it's been 24 hours.  And usually by the 24-hour mark, my nails are severely chipped and I get mad. 

Oh, and I just had to throw in a pic of me with bubble tea because I have an addiction to it.  

Sunday, July 1, 2012

look at those brows!

Did you ever think a little piece of thread could remove facial hair?  Threading is an ancient form of hair removal that's gaining more and more popularity.  I just got my eyebrows threaded at work for the first time...and I have to say I like it a LOT more than waxing.  Not that hair removal is much fun, but threading didn't irritate my skin nearly as much as waxing.  The top layers of the skin aren't peeled off when threaded...it's much gentler on the skin.  If you haven't tried it, give it a chance!  To me, it felt like little prickles along my brows.