Tuesday, May 29, 2012

first day of school!

Yay I finally started school today!  One word:  AMAZING!  I'll give a brief background:  I started school a few months ago at a different place and didn't have a great experience.  After two weeks I decided that school wasn't right for me and switched to the Aveda Institute of Portland.  I had to wait four months until the next start date at Aveda.  After today I knew it was worth the wait!!  I met some great people today and learned how to do scalp, shoulder and neck massages. 

Anyway, James Ryder, a celebrity/film makeup artist, is coming to Aveda in June.  His work is awesome and I wanted to post some pictures.  I'm definitely want to sign up for his workshop!!

The makeup in this photo was done by a student at Aveda Institute of Portland...how amazing is that?!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Expanding my (makeup) horizons

Since I started working at Blush Beauty Bar, my makeup drawer has happily expanded into TWO makeup drawers!  I just wanted to highlight a few of my favorites that I've recently acquired:

In no particular order...

NARS blush in Deep Throat:  LOVE THIS COLOR!  It's a little peachy with flecks of gold in it.  I think the color would be flattering on most skin tones too!

eyeko curvy brush mascara:  I'm pretty sure everyone at Blush owns this mascara.  The brush has tiered bristle clusters which makes it really easy to comb and define your lashes.  The result?  Doll-like lashes--no lash curler needed! 

Long wear Forever Noir Eyeliner, Noir Cosmetics:  This is a great everyday black eyeliner.  It's smudge-proof and waterproof.  Plus it doesn't fade away, it will be there FOREVER!  (sorry for the obvious pun)

Stila One Step Illuminate:  Possibly my favorite item EVER.  It's a triple-swirled serum that primes, brightens and illuminates skin.  It could even be used on your entire face because it's not too shimmery and it evens out the complexion.  I love using it on my cheek bones along with my NARS blush...the two look beautiful together!! 

Blush brush set:  Forgive me but I have no idea who makes this brush set...oops!  I bought this brush set at Blush and I don't see a tag or anything.  It's a great value at $35 and it comes with a pink case to hold them.  I will try to remember and ask!  I bought them solely on the fact that they're pink.  You know you'd do the same!  But they have proved to be good basic brushes :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

wheels in motion

I promise I will have this blog up and running in no more than 2 weeks!  I'm still stirring up different ideas and trying to get the "look" of it just the way I want it.  But don't be surprised if I change little things here and there.  I'm starting school May 29 so I'm sure that will inspire some ideas too!  And if anyone has any cool ideas for blog posts, let me know! 

Have a wonderful day!