Wednesday, June 20, 2012

inspiration in photos

Hello!  I know I need to post more but beauty school, work and marathon training have been taking up A LOT of my time.  I have so many ideas for posts, but just not enough TIME!  I am pleased to say that with everything going on right now, I am very happy :)  School is so much fun, working at Blush rocks and I feel good running...yay!  Since I don't have much time for extensive blog posts, they're just going to be short and sweet.  I pulled a few beauty photos that I love from pinterest.  Looking at photos truly inspires me and I hope one day I can do amazing hair and makeup that's worth photographing!  Oh, and if anyone wants to be a model for me at Aveda, contact me!!  I promise I'll do a good job and hopefully soon I'll have some photos of haircuts that I've done. 

Have a good week!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

kiss pimples goodbye!

I really don't have bad skin, but when I get one pimple, I convince myself that I have acne.  If I have one, I feel like my whole face is covered with them.  I've tried some pretty ridiculous things in the past in order to rid my face of pimples but I think I found a product that's actually going to work.  I have a painful one on my chin now (I seem to always get one there every once in a while), and I have something to say to it:

Dear pimple on my chin,

Since you decided to pop up on my chin yesterday, I bought a product that's making you go away instantly.  It's Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion ($17).  All I have to do is dab one drop of the solution on you and leave it overnight.  So tonight it's going to do its magic to reduce the redness and dry you up for good.  Sweet dreams little pimple and don't come back please.

my face :)

*Ingredients such as calamine and salicylic acid help dry out pimples quickly

*When using, do NOT shake the bottle...dip a cotton swab into the pink sediment on the bottom and dab onto the pimple

*Don't rub the solution in, just let it dry overnight

*This can also be used for breakouts on the back or chest...and even on mosquito bites to ease the itch!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nail art!!

Hello!  I have to say this will be a short post...I am exhausted from class and trying to section hair.  It looks so easy, but it's NOT AT ALL!  I need lots of practice!  On the bright side, I bought these lacquer nail apps from OPI ($10).  There are so many cute designs so I know I will be buying more in the future...

I only took one picture, not feeling too creative tonight so don't judge! 

The directions say to apply the nail app and then file downward.  I think it's easier to clip each one close to the edge of the nail and then file down--especially if you have really short nails like I do.  They're supposed to last up to three weeks so we'll see if that's true!